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WordRead V2 American English 2.0 03/01/11 Trial version English

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Benefits of WordRead V2 WordRead Version 2 is an elegant piece of software that allows text on your PCrsquo;s screen to be spoken back in a natural human-quality voice.

It is simple to use, and there is no need to copy and paste text into a separate window. Proof read and ldquo;listen tordquo; Word documents, e-mails, web pages, spreadsheets, presentations and accessible PDF files.

In Microsoft Word, click your mouse at any start point and press the WordRead Play button. It will read from that point onwards, and highlight each sentence as it is being read.

There are no limits to the amount of text WordRead will read ndash; it carries on until the document has finished or you press Stop. For web pages viewed with Internet Explorer, simply hover your mouse over the text you want to hear, and it will instantly speak back that text.

Alternatively, click the mouse anywhere on the web page, press WordReadrsquo;s Play button, and it will speak from that point until you press Stop (or until the end of the web page is reached).

It will also highlight the sentence in red, helping to track the audio. You can even convert any Microsoft Word document, Internet Explorer web page (or any text copied to the clipboard) into an audio file, for replay later ndash; or transfer to a portable audio player, such as an iPod.

Select any text from any software application with your mouse, and it will be spoken back immediately - no need to copy into another window or player.

And you can choose from over 17 Realspeak voices and languages in which to listen to your text. Click Here for the RealSpeak Demo Proofreading Let your Ears do the Proofing!

Prior to the advent of electronic spelling and grammar checkers, documents were often proof read for accuracy by one person reading the text to another.

The human ear can often pick up errors which the eye can miss. So technology can make your PC your proofreading partner! ScreenshotDocumentation The WordRead Manual in PDF format can be d.

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